Sunday, 11 November 2012

Free Classified Ad Posting Jobs Step by Step Urdu Guide and Training

                Webmasters always need the back links for their websites. Because that the search engines prefer those websites while selecting search results those have lot of back links. Few years ago it was a trend to build more and more back links for website for getting free web traffic. But the search engines always in try to give valuable experience to the users. Now the search engines keep in mind more than 200 factors while selecting websites in response of a search query. When a user search a search term “ work from home jobs “ than search engine find this term in the websites and bring top ten results on the first page.
            Search engine keep an eye on the back links while giving the search results. Now the search engines give value to the natural links only. Natural links means that a visitor came on your website and like it and gives its link in a forum or provide palace in his website. It is possible only, if you have valuable WebPages.  If you have valuable website than you need nothing to create back links for your website. People will do this for you for free.


 If you have intent to create back links for your website then it is not bad. But keep in mind the following points.
  1. First through traffic to your website.
  2. Search high rank directories and forums.
  3. Post maximum five links daily in these directories and forums. It will give perception of natural link building.
  4. Search engines always count the valuable links. Valuable links means the links give you web traffic.
  5. Should not purchase the back links. There are large numbers of websites on internet promising to give you 10000 back links only in $10. If you are going to purchase these links then keep in mind that these links are fruitless. Because you are trying to deceive the search engines. How it is possible that you got 10000 back links within few hours.
  6. Should not try to deceive the search engine. If your aims are in the favor of deceiving then keep in mind that the google search in not a machine. It is just like human. I mean that the humans are operating the machine. So do not try to get traffic while using unfair means. Always be positive, think positive , do positive and remain positive.
Always try to post back links in “ do follow” website and directories. Moreover, the links give you the traffic. Users stay on website also matter.


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